Rep. McEntire speaks with Johnny Manson on KBKW about the session so far

Rep. Joel McEntire, R-Cathlamet, talks with Johnny Manson on KBKW about some of the issues Republicans are facing and attempting to resolve this session.

In the interview, Rep. McEntire talked about legislators not showing proof of vaccination and how that could have potentially been used in negotiating session operations. With COVID continuing the Legislature has once again chosen to return to a primarily virtual setting.

Rep. McEntire is hoping to get his bill House Bill 1775 passed during this session. The bill would reallocate funds across our school districts, ensuring each community will see the upgrades to infrastructure across the state despite the population and growth rate in each district.

Rep. McEntire is also concerned about the Long-Term Care Act. The majority party is currently proposing it be suspended for 18 months to fix the numerous issues with the bill. However, he believes it will only be postponed long enough for citizens to believe it is being fixed and alleviate concerns, but in the end ultimately nothing will change with the bill.


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