Statement from Rep. Joel McEntire on majority party blocking vote on law enforcement vehicular pursuit legislation

Rep. Joel McEntire, R-Cathlamet, released the following statement after the majority party in the House voted down a motion by House Republicans to bring House Bill 1363, bipartisan legislation relating to law enforcement vehicular pursuits, to the House floor for a full chamber debate and vote.

“The majority party’s decision to vote down our procedural motion was extremely disappointing. We are here to pass good policy, not play politics, especially with such a critical public safety issue.

“Last week, two young children were killed because our law enforcement officers were unable to pursue a fleeing suspect. This isn’t an isolated incident. There are stories across the state of criminals fleeing, knowing law enforcement cannot pursue them. It is endangering lives and letting these criminals go free. I have heard from constituents, local government officials, law enforcement and many more folks. They want a solution. Neglecting this issue will continue to have major consequences for public safety in our communities.

“We have the votes in the House, given the 40 co-sponsors – 20 from each caucus. It is time for the House majority leadership to put good policy above politics and bring House Bill 1363 to the floor for a vote.”


Washington State House Republican Communications