Lawmakers secure more than $26.3 million in 19th District projects

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CONTACT: Kurt Hammond, Senior Public Information Officer for Reps. Joel McEntire and Peter Abbarno | 360-786-7794

Lawmakers secure more than $26.3 million in 19th District projects

Sen. Jeff WilsonRep. Jim Walsh, and Rep. Joel McEntire announced the inclusion of more than $26.3 million in 19th District projects in the 2024 supplemental capital budget, 2ESSB 5949. The budget received unanimous approval from House lawmakers in Olympia today.

The announcement highlights the collective commitment of these lawmakers to securing funding that will directly benefit their communities. These funds will bolster a variety of essential projects aimed at enhancing infrastructure, strengthening community services, and promoting economic development throughout the region.

Wilson, R-Longview, said, “It was an overwhelming success for the 19th Legislative District to receive such support in a supplemental budget year. We were able to fund a wide array of projects ranging from irrigation pumps for Lake Sacajawea in Longview to the Quinault Indian Nation Wellness Center, which serves both tribal and non-tribal members.”

Walsh, R-Aberdeen, expressed his satisfaction with the inclusion of 19th District projects in the budget and emphasized the bipartisan effort that contributed to its crafting:

“These projects are common-sense initiatives that enhance the quality of life in our district’s neighborhoods. They represent the best use of state taxpayers’ money. Olympia’s capital budget is the most bipartisan, and well-negotiated of the state’s three budgets. It’s built from the local level up. I just wish more things we do in Olympia were like that.”

McEntire, R-Cathlamet, was excited about the investments the budget makes in the 19th District and the positive effects it will have on the communities.  

“I am very pleased with the work that went into this year’s budget, and the projects we were able to fund. These are projects which will make huge impacts all over the district for the hardworking taxpayers in our region.”

19th District projects include:

  • Chehalis Wellness Center Renovation: $3 million
  • Quinault Indian Nation Wellness Center Expansion: $7.8 million
  • Raymond Manor Low-Income Senior Housing: $1.5 million
  • Coastal CAP Fire Remodel: $515,000
  • Commercial Platform Lift: $17,000
  • Kelso Rotary Park: $72,000
  • Lake Sacajawea Irrigation Pump: $200,000
  • Lincoln Creek Grange #407: $81,000
  • Wahkiakum PUD – Puget Island Water Source Project: $309,000
  • Lower Columbia College: Softball Facilities: $700,00
  • Julia Butler Hansen Property Analysis: $30,000
  • Cowlitz County PUD Landfill Methane Capture: $4.9 million
  • Berwick Creek at Labree Fish Passage Const – FBRB: $1.102 million
  • Erick Creek Fish Passage Project: $1.748 million
  • Scammon Creek at Graf Fish Passage Const – FBRB: $908,000
  • Middle Nemah River Phase 1 Restoration: $1.021 million
  • Willapa Estuary Juv. Habitat Assess Restoration: $1.8 million

Public Schools

  • PG Evaline: $16,000
  • PG Naselle Grays River Valley: $24,000

The final 2024 supplemental capital budget allocates a total of $1.33 billion, including $130.6 million in bonds. The plan makes significant investments throughout the state in K-12 school construction, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment facilities, and early learning facilities, leaving $547,000 in remaining bond capacity.

For a complete list of 19th District projects included in the capital budget, click here.
To review budget documents, click here.


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